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All You NEED to Know about the Holiday Collection 2020

As we head into another holiday season, shopping local is more critical than ever and it's never been easier to do so then with our brand line up of boxes designed exactly for that! Our Holiday Collection has something for every budget, every preference, every occasion and every date. With 5% from every box being donated to a local charity, you can feel good about it.  You can give a gift to more than just those on your list this year by supporting numerous local businesses and charities all in one purchase. Each of the boxes includes an "impact card" that outlines the difference that this box has in the community and you can add a complimentary hand written note to any...

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Together We Write Stories Like This!

Sitting at my desk today, it sure does feel like Fall for one of the first times. School is starting back and like for many, September is a time of transition for charities as well. We are thrilled that 5% of our Fall Box sales are going to support Community of Hearts; a charity in Guelph that supports youth, adults and seniors with developmental exceptionalities to help them achieve the level of independence they desire.  We received this impact story from Connie; a participant in their social enterprise program. This is the impact that YOU support Guelph when you purchase a Fall Box! Together we help write theses stories.  When Connie first arrived at Community of Hearts in 2017, she was highly...

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Community Living Impact Story

Imagine this. You’re headed to a concert tonight. You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. The vibe, the dreamy singer, the people – it’s going to be a great time! But you’ve had a long day, and your legs are a little tired. You managed to snag third-row tickets, so if you needed to sit, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.The music starts, and like clockwork, everyone is standing around you. Your view of the stage is now of butts and backs. You could stand up if you weren’t so tired. But you can’t. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help to enjoy the show better?At Community Living Guelph Wellington, that little bit of help is exactly what we offer....

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All you Need to Know About the Stay Local Box

We are SO excited about the launch of our brand new weekly box; the Stay Local Box! We had tons of fun designing this box for you and would love to give you all of the details on how it came to be and how you can get your hands on one.  Almost exactly three months ago we launched Guelph Box with no concept of the incredible support we would receive or knowledge of what it would become. We started things off with our weekly Local Favourites Box, a surprise box of a wide range of products from local vendors. Through this box and a few other feature boxes, we've been able to donate over $13,000 to charity and support...

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Helping Raise Healthy Kids

Each year, the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington funds recreational programs such as sports and arts camps, as well as life-skill building activities likedriver’s education and babysitter training, for over 1,000 local children and youth. By providing children with these experiences and opportunities, we are not onlyencouraging a healthy lifestyle, but also giving them the opportunity for skills and social development, friendships, and community engagement – and with schools closed and many activities cancelled this summer, it is more important than ever to invest in our children. Our foundation has always believed in the “holistic development” of a child – and how things such as play can be a critical part in their physical, mental and socialdevelopment. This is our main focus with our Free...

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