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All you Need to Know About the Stay Local Box

We are SO excited about the launch of our brand new weekly box; the Stay Local Box! We had tons of fun designing this box for you and would love to give you all of the details on how it came to be and how you can get your hands on one. 

Almost exactly three months ago we launched Guelph Box with no concept of the incredible support we would receive or knowledge of what it would become. We started things off with our weekly Local Favourites Box, a surprise box of a wide range of products from local vendors. Through this box and a few other feature boxes, we've been able to donate over $13,000 to charity and support over 50 local vendors - Guelph you sure are amazing! 

And now... what's next? The Stay Local Box! This box was designed entirely off of what YOU had to say! We sent out a survey to a group of randomly selected customers and heard about what they wanted to see in a future box. Top three answers? Choice of product,  knowledge of product and a surprise! (Because that's a thing?) Well, we made it a thing! With our Stay Local Box you are able to choose 2-3 of your products as well as know all of the contributing vendors. Some of the exact products remain a surprise or you can choose for the whole box to be a surprise - there's something for everyone! It's as simple as this:


So why is it called the Stay Local Box? 

We have loved seeing how many people have gone out of their way to support local businesses during the pandemic and we want that to be something that STAYS well beyond COVID. We want to STAY local. Let's hold onto the good that has come from this time. 

We are also devoted to STAYING local when selecting our vendors and work hard to give you the best selection of products from vendors in Guelph and the immediate surrounding areas.

Sticking true to our values we are going to continue our charitable giving by ensuring 5% of all box sales is donated to a local charity! At just $64.99 this box is a sustainable way for you to continue supporting local while also feeling good about giving back to your community! Oh ya, and we save you the hassle of making so many different stops around town to get the goodies to love - we are your ONE local stop!

This is just one of the many exciting new things that we have coming your way and we wanted to thank you Guelph for your continuous support! Now please, STAY local! 

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  • lori

    what a great idea! I am so looking forward to this! Cheers!

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