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Just One Ripple Effect of Supporting Small

When we started Guelph Box we had the goal of supporting local small businesses and local charities. We never could have predicted the many other ways that it has impacted the community and we were greatly humbled when we received this email from a vendor last month. "We never realize the ripple actions that one project can have on so many people's lives. There is a small, independent printer across the road from our bakery - R&R Printing. They have been in business for almost 60 years. They have been hit hard, like most small businesses during this current situation. We've been keeping them busy with all of our labels for packaging, flyers, menus, etc. They have been thrilled to...

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Changing Kid's Lives Right in Our Neighbourhood

Jackson’s journey with KidsAbility began at the age of one following a stroke as an infant. It affected his entire right side. KidsAbility therapists worked together with Jackson and his parents, Alice and Chuck, to develop a unique plan to meet all of his needs.

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Meet Katherine, our Newest (& cutest) Guelph Box Ambassador

A couple of weeks ago we got the cutest videos of a little girl named Katherine unpacking a Guelph Box. They made our day as we always love seeing creative things people are doing with their boxes, whether it's commentary, yummy snacks or spreading the love with others.  Last Wednesday we got an email from her mom, Patricia, asking us to clarify which week the box they ordered was to be delivered as she didn't realize that she'd just missed the deadline for last week and didn't want to get Katherine's hopes up. We immediately knew that we couldn't leave sweet Katherine empty-handed and made a small gift bag of a few items we had left after packing that day's boxes. We...

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Small Business Big Community

I began starting to better understand Guelph’s sense of community when I started my own small business venture towards the later months of my second year of university. I had started a zero-waste club at the beginning of that year as I was trying to change my lifestyle to be more sustainable.

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The Story of Bigs supporting Littles

As a result of these mentoring relationships, children achieve improved social emotional competence, mental health and wellness, and educational engagement and employment readiness. Your support is helping more than 700 local children realize their full potential.

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