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Meet Katherine, our Newest (& cutest) Guelph Box Ambassador

A couple of weeks ago we got the cutest videos of a little girl named Katherine unpacking a Guelph Box. They made our day as we always love seeing creative things people are doing with their boxes, whether it's commentary, yummy snacks or spreading the love with others.

 Last Wednesday we got an email from her mom, Patricia, asking us to clarify which week the box they ordered was to be delivered as she didn't realize that she'd just missed the deadline for last week and didn't want to get Katherine's hopes up. We immediately knew that we couldn't leave sweet Katherine empty-handed and made a small gift bag of a few items we had left after packing that day's boxes. We decided to make Katherine a Guelph Box ambassador as she is spreading so much joy and has the same passion for supporting small businesses and charities as we do! So, here we are introducing you to our first Guelph Box ambassador. 

Katherine is a 9-year-old Guelph resident who loves her community, her friends and her family. She is always up for a fun challenge. 

She plays the ukulele, she loves to dance (acro is her favourite) and her favourite sport is basketball. She is the proud mamma of two adopted guinea pigs named Honey and Wheet Wheet. Katherine is very interested in science and math and especially how things work. She and her Dad love to watch Monty Don, master gardener, she reads loads of books with her mom, helps her older sister, Jane, with baking, and she is helping her parents plan their vegetable garden and next flower bed. 
Katherine makes the best mango smoothies, and during quarantining she had been making gourmet chicken caesar wraps for lunch for her parents while they work from home. She loves to think of ways to support local, including convincing her parents it was time for another Guelph Box! 
She misses her friends and family, and her teachers, but knows that we need to keep up the good work of distancing to keep our grandparents and community safe. 
Thank you Katherine for your support and for spreading joy to so many people! You are another reason that we scream "We LOVE Guelph!" 


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