Next Delivery: HITS Box: September 25th. Taste Real Box: October 1st. Fall Box: October 6th.

Taste Real Box

Taste Real Box

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We are so excited to have partnered with Taste Real to bring you the ultimate box featuring fall flavours from across Wellington County! This box features over 10 products, 1 from each municipality in the County. Explore the rural tastes of the area straight from the comfort of your home. 5% of all sales are being donated to food banks across the Wellington County. 

So many incredible vendors including Harriston Packing, Polestar Hearth, Truly Baked Granola, Jewels Under the Kilt, J & N produce, Reroot Farm, Rootham's Gourmet, Kiki Maple Water, Springmead Farm, Stroms Farm, and Best Baa Dairy. 

Delivery October 1st for all of Wellington County.