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Frequently Asked Questions

The exact contents of each box are a surprise and vary each week. We ensure over $100 of retail value and do not make any guarantees of certain vendors or products. An example of a regular box is found below. 

  • With the Grain Squares
  • Tote Bag from Red Brick Cafe
  • Polestar Hearth Bread
  • Gourmet Cookies from Sweet Temptations
  • Organic Garlic
  • Craft Chocolate 
  • Coffee Beans from Red Brick Cafe
  • Cheese from TOMME Cheese Shop 
  • Summer Sausage from Thatchers Farms

Can I choose my delivery day?

If you purchase a subscription the first week of the month, your box will be delivered on Wednesdays. Otherwise, we currently do not offer the option to select your delivery day. It's all part of the surprise and fun! 

Do you offer a gluten - free box?

At the moment, we do not offer an exclusively gluten- free box. However, many of our box options include numerous gluten- free products. Please contact us if you would like to be informed on which box is the most gluten-free each week and to get specific guidance in selecting the best box for you!

When do boxes restock? 

Every Monday at noon we restock our boxes for the following week's delivery. Please check back then if we are currently out of stock. We recommend ordering on Monday night to ensure you can get a box.